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  • Gas heater Kovea KH-0710 Fire Ball - a unique portable gas heater hose with the possibility of cooking.
  • Tourist gas heater ignited using butane gase. The device provides two positions of the reflector: inclined - for heating and horizontal - for cooking. Both provisions are fixed rigidly fixing bolt at the same time exclude the possibility of changing the position of the reflector, and tipping the pan while cooking.
  • Grid reflector often enough to cook food or boil water in a mug or even Turks. For a more stable operation of the gas heater in the cold gas heater design provides Anti-Flare System - preliminary gas heating system.
  • This is a very convenient model gas heater for winter fishing, when at the same time heating the fishing shelter in between biting you can boil a cup of tea or even immediately roast and eat freshly caught fish under a warming glass of drink, not thinking about the constantly merznuschih hands.
  • Tourist gas heater KH-0710 is powered by gas cylinders threaded KGF-0230 and KGF-0450. It is also possible to use a collet cylinder KGF-0220 using the KA-9504 adapter, which is supplied.